August 24, 2016

TSI Math Practice Test

TSI Math Practice Test

There are few subjects more despised than Mathematics; however, it is also one of the most important subjects to be taught in schools. If you are a high school student in the state of Texas and are looking to move on to college, you will need to have an adequate understanding of mathematical concepts in order to do well in your future courses.

The Texas Success Initiative understands this need, which is why its staff has devised the TSI Assessment. This exam is required for any student who did not score well on the ACT, SAT, or any equivalent earlier during their high school careers. As such, a passing score on the TSI Assessment will demonstrate that you’re ready for the college learning environment. The TSI Assessment is made up of three subtests: Writing, Reading, and Mathematics. Here you’ll find information and resources pertaining exclusively to the Mathematics portion of the TSI Assessment.

TSI Math Practice Test

TSI Math Questions

The TSI Math subtest is fairly short, spanning only 20 questions. Each of the questions on this portion of the TSI falls under one of four categories. These categories are Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability; Geometry and Measurement; Intermediate Algebra and Functions; and Elementary Algebra and Functions.

TSI Math Study Guide

In order to pass the Math portion of the TSI Assessment, you will need to score between 350 and 390 points. Scoring to the best of your ability will, in turn, require the most thorough study tools. Consider using Mometrix’s official TSI review tools to help you prepare for this important exam.

One of our best tools is our study guide, which is featured on this page. We have composed this study guide exclusively with your needs in mind. The full book comes with a section dedicated to practice questions. Each question features extensive answers, where we not only tell you the right solution, but also display the steps we took to reach that solution. In addition, the book also comes with a detailed outline of the exam’s structure.

TSI Math Prep

Our math study guide isn’t the only tool available to you. We have also published a TSI assessment practice test to give you an even more in-depth glimpse of how the test works and what you can expect on exam day. Once you finish our practice test, you can go over your results and evaluate your performance. This is a great way to figure out where your weaknesses are with the material, so you can focus your study efforts accordingly.

We hope our study tools will prove valuable to you throughout your studies. Good luck!