August 24, 2016

TSI Writing Practice Test

TSI Writing Section

In today’s world, writing is becoming a more important skill than ever before. Writing is the main way we communicate, especially as technology rises in prominence across every industry in the world. You will need competent writing abilities throughout every area of your life, but especially during your college years.

This is why the TSI Assessment features a Writing subtest (alongside its Reading and Mathematics subtests). Keep reading to learn more about how you can prepare for this important exam.

TSI Writing Practice Test

TSI Writing Practice Test

The TSI Writing test is a bit different from its sibling subtests. More specifically, it splits up into two parts: an essay component and a multiple choice component.

The multiple choice portion of the exam may feel similar to other writing tests you’ve taken in the past. You will be presented with a total of 20 questions, all of them pertaining to one of four knowledge categories:

  • Sentence Logic
  • Essay Revision
  • Sentence Structure
  • Agreement

You will have plenty of time to take the test, since it is free of time limits. Instead, you should focus your study efforts on ensuring you’re able to answer each question as accurately and correctly as you can. In order to earn a passing score, you’ll need to obtain between 363 and 390 points on the multiple choice portion of the test (as well an essay score of 4).

This is where the Mometrix Test Preparation team and our collection of exam resources can help you! We have devised a mock exam filled with TSI practice questions, so you can get the hang of the material well ahead of test day. We suggest you use our practice test to learn how the exam works and, in turn, fine tune your study approach based on your performance.

TSI Writing Prompts

In addition to multiple choice questions, our practice test for the TSI Assessment Writing subtest will also feature a selection of writing prompts. These prompts will be closely modeled after prompts featured on previous versions of the real TSI Assessment, and will focus on relevant topics within recent history. You must develop a stance, then develop that stance using anecdotal evidence.

TSI Essay

The essay featured on the TSI Writing subtest will require you to devise a strong, persuasive answer with no less than five well-developed paragraphs. The scoring system for our practice test will help you to evaluate your writing ability. We hope this tool will serve you well throughout your studies. Good luck, and study hard!